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PVC Foam Sheet

PVC Foam Sheet

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1.Specifications of our PVC Foam Sheets:

Sizes(mm):  1220×2440mm, 1220*1830mm, 1560*3050mm, 2050x3050mm 
Color:    White, Black (other colors)
Thickness: 1m-40mm
Density: 0.3g/cm³--0.9g/cm³

2.Technical Capabilities of our PVC Foam Sheets:

Printing processes:  Screen printing and direct to substrate digital printing;
Installation:  It is important to make allowances for thermal movements;
Machining:   Suitable for guillotining, cutting, sawing, drilling, milling and routing;
Forming and Fabrication: Suitable for folding, drape forming, thermoforming, hot air 
 welding and hot plate welding.

PVC foam sheet appllication.jpg

3.Features of our PVC Foam Sheets: 

A.  Light-weight, Easily Transported and Processed;

B.  Smooth and Easily Printed and Filmed with kinds of colors.

C.  Good Plasticity,Excellent thermoforming material;

D.  High Impact and Fireproof;

E.   Anti-chemical Corrosion,Non-Toxic;

F.   Mositure-proof,Water-proof and Good Heat Preservation;

G.  Good Sound Insulation and Shock Absorption;

H.  Unfading and Anti-aging

I.   Many ways of processing such as drilling,sawing,nailing,planing, cementing,   jointing.etc.

4 .Sales Network of our PVC Foam Sheets: 

Our product are popular in Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Africa, Oceania and the Middle East ! 

We strive to build global marketing network to provide with timely and thoughtful sales and after-sales service !

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