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Mirror Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic mirror sheet whose material is PMMA, has the characteristics of light and tough, beautiful appearance and rich colors. In addition, to meet the needs of customers, acrylic sheet mirror can be very good to improve the grade of business stores, furniture products, sanitary ware, construction industry, etc. Therefore, acrylic sheet has a wide range of applications in the construction industry, furniture products, sanitary ware, gym mirrors and many other decorative projects.

We offer a wide range of high quality acrylic sheets, hope you can find what you need in Modern Signs.

Acrylic mirror sheets features

1. It is an alternative to glass, more lightweight, flexible and shatterproof.

2. Strong color permanence.

3. Strong light transmission

4. Strong resistance to high and low temperature change

All of our Modern Signs acrylic mirror sheet can be cut, drilled, bent or formed to your exact specifications. Whether you are looking for large acrylic sheets mirror or prefer mini acrylic panels, click here to get online pricing on plastic sheets now.

Acrylic mirror sheet most popular sizes

Mirror Acrylic sheet

Net size: (mm)

Thickness range (mm):0.8-6

1000 x 2000

1220 x 1830

1220 x 2440