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The comparison of virgin acrylic sheet and recycled acrylic sheet

May. 06, 2020

The comparison of virgin acrylic sheet and recycled acrylic sheet

Ways of easy identification of the recycled acrylic sheet:

SEE: the appearance is yellow, especially from the section view.

TOUCH: the surface scratches easily.

SMELL: recycled acrylic sheet have bad smell strongly when in stock, bad smell when cutting, odor smell, bubble and black smoke when burning.

Hot forming process is easily deformed, bubbles.

Paint and ink sensitive, easy to crazing and cracking.

Easy to turn yellow after lighting.

Insoluble, easy to crack.

Virgin material sheetRecycled material sheet
Excellent UV resistance, at least 5 years not fade from yellowing.Poor in anti UV, become yellowish easily, as well as fade and crack
Transparency more than 92%Transparency less than 80%
Clear at section and keep original after fabricationIt turns yellowish at the section. Although the recycled acrylic with whitener it still becomes yellowish after a short term.
No bad smellIt becomes yellowish quickly after processing, comes out heavy smell and easy to crack
Good weather resistanceBad weather resistance
Well protected by high quality packing or masking paperPackaging and protective film or paper grade is poor
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