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  • PP Corrugated Anti-UV Sheet

  • PP Corrugated Anti-UV Sheet

  • PP Corrugated Anti-UV Sheet

  • PP Corrugated Anti-UV Sheet

  • PP Corrugated Anti-UV Sheet

  • PP Corrugated Anti-UV Sheet

PP Corrugated Anti-UV Sheet

white PP sheet///4mm PP ESD sheet black/// PP hollow sheet //PP Corrugated Sheet

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Key words:

Polypropylene sheet  PP sheet

PP hollow sheet   PP Coroplast sheet

PP Corflute sheet   PP Correx sheet 

PP Flute sheet   PP flute/fluted board

Corrugated sheet  PP corrugated plastic sheet 

Popular size: 1220*2440mm 1220*1830mm

Popular thickness: 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm

Popular density:






Colors: Transparent,white,red,blue,yellow,green,black

PP sheet surface can be: Common, Corona Treated, Anti-Static, Conductive, UV Stabilized,etc

black PP floor protection sheet.jpg

we mainly do products of PP hollow sheet, Anti-UV PP sheet, Corona treatment PP sheet.

The main products of our company are calcium plastic corrugated box, hollow lattice board, conductive hollow board, antistatic hollow board etc. The products are mainly used in the packing of exporting vegetables, foods, pesticides, light industrial products, hard wares, building material, they also used in the equipping of household appliance, the indoor and outdoor advertising and decoration, the decoration of the large scale exhibitions, raw material of turnover boxes, vase bases, and the top covers for the cars etc.

The thickness of sheet could be made from 2 mm to 12 mm. The capacity could reach 7000 tons per year. We have exported to USA, Chile, Brazil, Australia, Russia etc more than 50 countries. By virtue of strong competitive strength, we would like to develop broader markets with excellent quality products and good price.

Measures of pp corrugated sheet:

Density (gsm)250-450300-600600-900800-1200900-16001400-20001600-2000
Skin Thickness0.0065"0.008"0.009"0.013"0.018"0.030''0.040''
Flute Thickness0.0065"0.008"0.009"0.013"0.018"0.030''0.040''
Surface Tension (dyne/cm)46464646464646

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