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  • Clear Transparent PET Sheet

  • Clear Transparent PET Sheet

  • Clear Transparent PET Sheet

  • Clear Transparent PET Sheet

  • Clear Transparent PET Sheet

Clear Transparent PET Sheet

Clear transparent PET/PETG Sheet

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PETG transparent sheet 

PETG is easy to fabricate and thermoform without pre-drying, hence cycle times and cost savings can be achieved.

Thermforming and bending can be done with great accuracy and with maintained visual clarity.

We offers PETG high impact transparent sheets, besides transparent sheets, it can be chosen in a wide ranges of colors and also the unique frosty(satin/matte) look, UV protection is available for most products.

PETG sheet as a standard products is food approved.


700*1000mm / 1220*2440mm / 1220*1830mm / 1250*2050mm / 1250*2500mm 

Thickness: 0.3mm 0.5mm 0.8mm 1mm 1.5mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm

Thickness range: 0.25MM -12MM

Width < 1300MM

Length  No Limit

Available colors: Matt, UV and Cut to size for your request

“Colors on screen may not reflect exact matches to physical sheets

Non-stock colors, patterns or sizes may require a minimum quantity order”.


Specific gravityISO1183G/CM31.27

Water absorptionISO62%0.15


Indoor and outdoors signs

Shelving and racking systems 

Food displays/bin/dividers

Exhibition boxes, point of sale interior 

Thermoformed covers 

Vending machine faces

Industrial equipment 

Machine covers and many different kind of technical parts


Food approved   Easy processable  Easily printable Cold/hot bending  Good transparency 

Ecological         Shockproof      Good impact resistance       Excellent fire resistance 

Low expansion coefficient    No predrying needed    Usable up to -40 degree


Cutting(guillotine, manual, plotter)

Die cutting, welding (thermal, ultrasonically, hot air)

Bonding, Sterillising,  Recycling Printing  Sawing Drilling(milling)

Deburring/routing    Thermoforming     Polishing

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