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The advantages of acrylic panels

Apr. 14, 2021

Acrylic Sheet, also known as special treatment of organic glass, organic glass replacement products, acrylic light box with good light transmission, pure color, colorful, beautiful and flat, taking into account the two effects of day and night, long service life, does not affect the use of the characteristics.

Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheet Suppliers to share the following advantages of acrylic panels.

1. excellent transparency

Colorless transparent organic glass sheet, light transmission rate of 92% or more

2. excellent weather resistance

Adaptability to the natural environment is very strong, even if a long time in the sun, wind and rain will not make its performance change, good anti-aging properties, in the outdoor can also be used without fear

3.Good processing performance

Both suitable for mechanical processing and easy thermoforming

4.excellent overall performance

Acrylic sheet variety, colorful, and has excellent overall performance, providing designers with a variety of options, acrylic panels can be dyed, the surface can be painted, screen printing or vacuum coating

5.non-toxic Even long-term contact with people are harmless, but incomplete combustion will produce formaldehyde, carbon monoxide

6.the coefficient of linear expansion of the cast plate is about 7x10-5m/m.K.

Acrylic has the reputation of "plastic crystal". And there is excellent weather resistance, especially for outdoor applications, among the top of other plastics, and both good surface hardness and gloss, processing plasticity, can be made into a variety of desired shapes and products. Another variety of plates in a wide range of colors, another feature is the thick plate can still maintain high transparency.

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