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The Best Application Areas for Acrylic Sheets

Jul. 27, 2021

With its moldable material, light weight, high impact resistance and excellent optical transparency, Acrylic Sheet can be used for a wide range of applications. Wherever a strong and attractive transparent surface is required, acrylic sheets are the solution.


Building Construction

Today's buildings are defying physical logic and therefore require a strong and durable material. When that material also needs to be transparent and have a high molecular weight, acrylic sheet is the right choice. With so many thickness options and finishes, this sheet offers many options for building and construction professionals to design with.


Commercial and structural glass

Because acrylic sheet is so strong, it is the best choice for structural glazing. Creating storm windows, large bulletproof windows, durable skylights and even clean rooms can all benefit from structural glazing, which requires cast acrylic sheets.


{Acrylic Sheet}

Acrylic Sheet

Displays and Point of Sale

Who says displays have to be made of cardboard? You can upgrade the look of your displays or point-of-sale shelving with affordable acrylic panels. Make your products and their shelves stand out with the right basic materials.


Exhibitions, trade shows and convention shows

The key to a standout trade show booth is the overall design. Because acrylic sheet can be molded and bent to the exact lines you want, you can use it to create durable displays that catch the eye. The strength of this material means your displays can also withstand the rigors of trade shows.


Machine Shop

Machine shops need the right base material to deliver a quality finished product to their customers. Labbrand regularly provides machine shops with custom cut acrylic panels to meet their needs.


Plastic and Metal Fabrication

Custom cutting, bending and other fabrication services allow plastic and metal fabrication companies to benefit from acrylic sheets. Using cut-to-size sheets, Acrylic Sheet Manufacturers can make the final products their customers require because they know they will be durable and effective.



Sports equipment, stadium designs, and even boat manufacturing can all benefit from acrylic sheets. Acrylic sheet is ideal for marine windshields, stadium windows, and even face shields or goggles because of its impact resistance and corrosion resistance.



Not all signs are reliable. For illuminated signs and other applications, Clear Acrylic Sheet is an excellent base material.

The company offers acrylic sheets in a variety of styles, contact us today to find the best plastic product for your application.